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11. Sinar Batu Alam

Sinar Batu Alam is the manufacturer and exporter of Indonesia Natural Stone, located in Sidoarjo, East Java - Indonesia. The company has produced vari...

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12. Cantik Rattan

Cantik Rattan is a furniture manufacturing company located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This company only works with high-quality materials and e...

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13. Elegance Direct

Settled in Jepara, Central Java, Elegance Direct is now become an exporter and manufacturer furniture company for antique and elegant wooden furniture...

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14. Jepara Indo Furniture

It had been on business since more than 10 years ago, Jepara Indo Furniture is now become a furniture manufacture that focus on indoor and outdoor fur...

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15. Mahogany Crafter

Mahogany Crafter is furniture manufacturer & exporter of Antique Reproduction furniture, custom made furniture, Hotel set furniture, Bar & Restaurant ...

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16. Walls Covering - Haradeco

WallsCovering.com or also known as Haradeco is wall cladding manufacturer from Sukoharjo, Central Java. They create a wall cladding that has an except...

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17. Bina Antiek Furniture

Antique reproduction furniture products like an antique chair, a reproduction table, cabinet, chair, chest, side table, coffee table or any other piec...

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18. Smesco Trade

The online market belongs to Indonesia government, Smesco Trade offers various product choices from local brands which can also find creative products...

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19. Jakarta Souvenir Center

Jakarta Souvenir Center (SMESCO Indonesia), the gathered Indonesia SMEs in one place. Offers various kinds of Indonesia SMEs that produce unique craft...

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20. Surabaya Souvenir Center

Surabaya Souvenir Center, a market place displays various kinds of Surabaya SMEs that produce unique crafts and souvenirs products. The products displ...

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