Saturday, February 16, 2019


Bali Craft

Bali Craft is a handicraft manufacturer and exporter from Bali island. Bali Craft has completed with various kind of handicraft products which are carved by talented craftsman from Bali. The products are present in various forms with Balinese touch and Java style. It makes Bali Craft more popular in the world as Bali handicraft exporter.

Bali Craft will give an interesting prices for handicraft wholesalers and importers. Find the wholesale prices of Photo Album , Totem , Wooden Vase , Umbrela Stand, Food Plate, Ethnic Mask, Candle Stand, Mini Surfboard, Miniature Guitar, Burn Bamboo, Banana Leaf, Coconut shell, Photo Frame, Calendar, Sandals, Rocking Horse, Mirror, Paper Flower, Wall Clock, Lantern, CD Rack, Xmas Tree, Aromatherapy, Butterfly, and another craft products here.